[PODCAST EPISODE 4] Princesses Are Born And Queens Are Bred

#MarketLikeAQueen –  Listen to Episode 4 of Market Like A Queen Season 2



On Market Like A Queen 2014 Season 2 Episode 4, Your Host, Author Donna Marie Johnson interviews Jo Ann Allen, the General Manager of Club E Atlanta and a Co-Founder of One Talent, Inc. During this Queen’s interview, you will hear life evidence for the fact that


Background Information

To learn more about my history as a member of Club E, listen to Episode 1.


Milah #BelieveInYourself #TheBelieveMovement

Milah #BelieveInYourself #TheBelieveMovement

To learn about Jo Ann’s daughter and co-founder, Milah, her song, and #TheBelieveMovement that One Talent is raising funds and awareness for, check out our #ButterflyHomeschool blog article about how this great ministry is impacting our children and how you can support us.

The Believe Movement by One Talent, Inc.

The Believe Movement by One Talent, Inc. – Buy event ticket and join us on July 26th – Click Image or go to http://bit.ly/believemovement


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[PODCAST EPISODE 3] Big Mistake That Made This Queen Lose Money

#MarketLikeAQueen –  Listen to Episode 3 of Market Like A Queen Season 2



On Market Like A Queen 2014 Season 2 Episode 3, Your Host, Author Donna Marie Johnson interviews Leesa Renee Hall about a BIG mistake she made that made her lose money and what you can do to avoid doing the same.


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[PODCAST EPISODE 2] How to Recognize Who Makes You Lose Money

On Market Like A Queen 2014 Season 2 Episode 2, Your Host, Author Donna Marie Johnson, Shares A Simple and Encouraging Four Step Process to Help You Recognize and Overcome Your Main Enemy Who Is Making You Lose Money In Your Business. Visit the Main Podcast Webpage at: Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com

[PODCAST EPISODE 1] What To Expect For Season 2 #MarketLikeAQueen

What you’ll hear on Episode 1 of Season 2 for the Market Like A Queen Podcast Show

#MarketLikeAQueen With Host Author Donna Marie Johnson

#MarketLikeAQueen With Host Author Donna Marie Johnson

If you would like to know what to expect on Season 2 of the Market Like A Queen Podcast Show with Your Host, Author Donna Marie Johnson, then please have a listen to the latest show here:


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[MYTH BUSTER] Success Is Not Based On This

preview of Genesis 39 about Joseph

Joseph was a loser. Yet the Bible says that he succeeded anyway. Why?

“It is a myth that success is based on your achievements. Success is NOT based on what you have accomplished in the past.” ~Author Donna Marie Johnson, Love Infused Marketing & Graphics Strategist

If you want to learn why I teach this to Christian Women Leaders and

how understanding this truth can help your profit in business, join me for

The Successful Sisters Workshops tomorrow.

Learn more and register at


May Updates From Author Donna Marie

Please connect with me at http://AuthorDonnaMarie.com

To learn more about the Successful Sisters Workshops and to register, please go to SuccessfulSistersWorkshops.com

[VIDEO] How I Help Successful Sisters – Workshop Explained

If you consider yourself to be one of the Successful Sisters, even if you have doubts at times, please watch this video and share it with others who are like-minded.

Successful Sisters Workshops ™ – Learn more and register at http://SuccessfulSistersWorkshops.com

In this video I share more about my upcoming workshop series, including answering some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions).

Success is not about what you have or haven’t done, it is about who you are. And because of who you are, you keep learning and gaining wisdom so that you can keep moving forward in your success journey. Your destination is already pre-determined because of who you are and whose you are. I was sent by your Father God to serve and help you in your journey.

We start this Wednesday May 28th at Noon EST. We will begin by discussing mistakes that keep successful sisters broke in business and in life. And by the end of this workshop series, you will learn how to create your own customized plan to generate funds for your dream. Having a plan helps you keep from being so tempted to give up on it when times are tough and money starts to look like it will run out.

This workshop series is great for Christian Women Leaders who serve other people through writing, teaching, speaking or providing services. Most women I work with serve as therapists, authors, coaches and service providers who reach back into the lives of women and families.

Hope to see you there!

Donna Marie Johnson ™ – The Love-Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist ™ – For 18+ years, Helping Christian Women Leaders learn to use smarter strategies and make more money in business

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Why You Don’t Have To Say No To Your Clients

Why You Don't Have To Say No To Your Clients

Learn Wiser Marketing: Use Your Plan To Set Expectations So You Won’t Need To Say No To Clients As Much

Set Expectations – use wiser marketing planning to set your boundaries in advance so you won’t need to say no.



This new standard operating procedure (SOP) helps me to set clear boundaries beforehand INSTEAD of having to say no. And this has helped my relationships with clients tremendously. I have noticed a much better flow of communication and higher level of satisfaction from clients who I on-boarded using this new SOP. I have been able to lay a better foundation of trust, and I know they will be back because I help them create a plan to help them prepare for working with me further in the future. But…

…that is not the end of this story…


If you want, you can join me to learn more strategy tips to help you use wiser marketing and graphics that support you in raising more funds for your dream. By the end of my workshop series, you will have a doable strategic plan that is customized just for your own unique business to help you keep going and keep growing over time.

To learn more, Click To Download Event Flier.

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Water and Grow Your Dreams – Original Art by Donna Marie Johnson

[REVIEW] For Christian Women Leaders Who Are On Fire

Book Image Preview For The Firestarter Effect

The Firestarter Effect (Amazon Kindle)

My Book Review

I wrote a review for this book on Amazon. The review is entitled:

Spiritually Discerned Truths For The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur.

Here is an excerpt:

“I heard The Lord speaking through this book and showing me what He wants me to do as a Marketplace Firestarter. The scriptures and stories they shared helped me to dig deeper into God’s Word for my own life and business.” ~Donna Marie Johnson, Love Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist

How can reading this book help you?

If you are a Christian Woman Leader, like me, who is on fire for God and for being a blessing as a gift in this world, the teachings in this book will:

  • Confirm what you already know regarding serving as a Christian Business Leader
  • Remind you and help you refocus on what/who is most important

In summary, this book is encouraging and, also, transforming, when you follow the study and action steps that are suggested by authors Antonina Geer and Shae Bynes. Just like most of their books, it is brief and straightforward because it is meant to be an actionable study guide.

Join Our Local Book Discussion

On June 22nd, we will meet again at a local library here in Atlanta to discuss this book. If you’d like to join us, please register so that we will know to save you a seat. Please use this link to learn more and register: AtlantaKDE.info


Donna Marie Johnson, Host and Sponsor of the Atlanta Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Small Group

hashtag: #AtlantaKDE

P.S. If you’d like to attend the Atlanta Firestarter Book Tour Event on June 7th, you can learn more about that on the event webpage, too.


How To Say No Without Saying No

“Learning how to say NO without actually saying no is a key to success in building great business relationships … including in how you write copy in your marketing materials (online and offline). I am in the midst of writing a blog article about this now for my audience of mostly Christian Women Leaders. This is an extremely important skill that many of us lack which holds us back in our businesses.” ~Donna Marie Johnson comment on Forbes article The More You Know, The More You ‘No': Learning To Pick Your Clients


Because most of the value in what I do as a strategist is found in the strategic advice that I give, I recently decided to stop providing free initial consultations. The freebies were causing my strategy expertise to be devalued as a free go-to resource. However, I know that I am a gift in this world, created by God to be a priceless resource to help the Christian Women Leaders who He has called me to serve. In order for me to be a proper steward over what the Lord has put into my hands through this business, I have had to choose to start doing things differently.

So, instead of free brain-picking sessions, I now provide two very valuable initial strategy sessions at an affordable rate for those who are just starting out working with me. This gives my awesome clients the opportunity to “pick my brain” regarding a customized strategy that would work better for them than the cookie-cutter solutions they usually read or hear online and in free webinars. Also, these private sessions allow me time to clearly frame what I do as a strategist (and what I don’t do) to support them with implementing the proposed customized strategy. Now clients come to me for this kind of focused, tailor-made advice and eagerly pay me in advance for the wisdom they need to keep moving forward.

This is a big change from how I used to run my business, and it makes me so excited because I can see how much I am helping my clients. The folks who I used to help for free rarely ever actually used the free advice they got. Yet, the folks who have been paying for it have actually been using it! That is truly an amazing thing: people who perceive value in business information invest in it and take it more seriously to actually consider it, think about it and use it in their businesses.


I have gotten much better results with the two strategy sessions because the client then clearly knows what their options are for solving their problem and that they have my support. They understand that they have flexibility to implement the strategy on their own, to hire me at my quoted rates or to share the strategy with another of their trusted service providers. I absolutely love serving clients this way because it puts the control over the project decisions in their own hands. This is a way that I infuse love into how I serve them.

This differs from how some coaches and strategists are trained to railroad or pressure/manipulate their clients into doing what they want them to do in order to increase the bottom line profits. Squeezing clients gives me absolutely no joy and makes me feel slimy. I refuse to run my business or any of my life that way now, even though there was a time that it was the norm for me to wear people down until they did what I wanted.


This new standard operating procedure (SOP) helps me to set clear boundaries beforehand INSTEAD of having to say no. And this has helped my relationships with clients tremendously. I have noticed a much better flow of communication and higher level of satisfaction from clients who I on-boarded using this new SOP. I have been able to lay a better foundation of trust, and I know they will be back because I help them create a plan to help them prepare for working with me further in the future. But…

…that is not the end of this story.


There is more to how you can strategically structure your business by tweaking your SOP’s and infusing them with love-based, grace-based goodness to bless more folks God has called you to serve. Today’s nugget of wisdom is just one of many that I’ll be sharing in my new workshop series called:



If you’d like to learn more about the workshop series before you register, take a look at

[VIDEO] “How Successful Sisters Do It”

on my main website at authordonnamarie.com and join my mailing list so that I can send you updates and my newsletter.


If you’d like to leave a comment or send me feedback, please do in the comments area or on the contact form. I’d love to hear from you! :)


Donna Marie Johnson, The Love Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist

Video External Link: http://www.authordonnamarie.com/how-successful-sisters-do-it

Spring Updates For Author Donna Marie Johnson

This post is an update regarding Author Donna Marie Johnson’s websites and events.

Happy Spring! (even if the weather doesn’t feel like it usually does in this season). My upcoming event has given me Spring Fever! How have you been doing? Leave a comment and let me know. And read on to learn more about my updates and event.

I don’t know about you, but I actually like this cooler weather in what we lovingly call “Hotlanta”. Atlanta is usually very humid and hot in the Spring. Even though it is a little strange, I am enjoying it.

I am also enjoying doing some Digital Spring Cleaning. You may not really know what I mean by that, so I will give a list below of what I am doing to change my online presence so that you’ll know how and where to connect with me going forward.


For those of you who love the LORD JESUS like I do,



And, finally, I am so excited to announce my upcoming workshop event:

Successful Sisters Workshops ™

Coming in May 2014. Click To Learn More.

You Will Learn Seven Mistakes Successful Sisters Make That Keep Them Stone Broke in Business.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to learn what mistakes may be costing you money in your business.
  • You feel that the ‘fake it ’til you make it’ philosophy is overrated.
  • You want God to guide and prosper your business with a wiser marketing strategy, but are not sure how.

Hope to see you on this workshop call that is coming up in May.

Thanks for reading!

~Donna Marie Johnson, Your Love Infused Marketing And Graphics Strategist.



[PODCAST EPISODE 4] Who Defines You and Your Business?

Three Things That Poison Your Passion and Profits Part 3 is the third of three articles to help you understand what might be making your business passion and profits disappear or lose traction. This is the show page for Episode 4 of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1.

How can a lack of self-awareness poison your passion and profits in business?

Listen to this week’s #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Show to learn more.


  • Who have you given power to define who you are?
  • How well do you know yourself?
  • What three adjectives describe you the best?
  • When will you set aside time this week, and for how long, to really think and pray and journal about this?

About Our Guest Brandi Starr

Brandi Starr’s interview illustrates a great example on this for you. This week’s podcast walks you through some of this process of becoming aware of who you really are so you can build your business from a place of strength that will protect your passion and profits over the long term.

HOW DID THIS PODCAST EPISODE HELP YOU? Please leave a comment and let us know.

Did you listen to the last show and hear what Poison #2 is? If not, click here to visit show page for episode 3.

Thank you for stopping by!


Donna Marie Johnson, Host of #MarketLikeAQueen


preview of kindle book - your passionate business by kim beasley

preview of kindle book – your passionate business by kim beasley

I recently did a review of “Your Passionate Business Starter Kit” by Kim Beasley. Click the link to check it out and then download your copy to help you quick start your profitable tailor-made business.


Verbal Confession – #IAmGodsGiftofLove ~ Donna Marie Johnson

Verbal Confession - #IAmGodsGiftofLove ~ Donna Marie Johnson

If you believe this, then say it, every day. If you don’t, then say it every day until you do. #IAmGodsGiftofLove ~Donna Marie Johnson

This is just a bit of what you’ll see in my book that is due to be released later this year:

Selling Is Loving: Serving As God’s Gifts In The Marketplace


When you let God’s Word live in your heart

When you let God’s Word live in your heart, you take the limitations off of your life because HE is His Word; and He is everything you need when you need it. ~ Donna Marie Johnson

King James Bible John 15:7

[PODCAST EPISODE 3] What “WHAT IF’S” are holding back your business?

Three Things That Poison Your Passion and Profits Part 2 is the second of three articles to help you understand what might be making your business feel cut off, isolated and utterly stuck. This is the show page for Episode 3 of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1.

What “WHAT IF’S” are holding you back in your business or life?

Fear of What If - Illustration on AuthorDonnaMarie.me blog

Lightning Image Source: wikimedia commons by Smial

#MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1 Episode 3


  • How long have you been giving the “What If’s” power to poison passion and profits in business?
  • Name three reasons why you want to take your power back from the “What If’s”.
  • What three things can you shift in your life or business today to stop the “What If’s” poison from killing your business?


In my interview with Stephanie Calahan, she shared the “What If’s” that used to hold her back and steps she took to get her power back from them.


Did you listen to the last show and hear what Poison #1 is? If not, click here to visit show page for episode 2.

Thank you for stopping by!


Donna Marie Johnson, Host of #MarketLikeAQueen

P.S. Join Our Local Spring Events – To meet me and my friends face-to-face in Atlanta, join us for the #AtlantaKDE Small Group. To learn more and register for #AtlantaKDE, click here.


How do you really see your business?

If you struggle to see your business prospering, but you expect others to see it that way, there is a disconnect. What is the source of that disconnect that is poisoning your business passion and profits?

#MarketLikeAQueen Podcast

Listen to the latest  show to learn what could be poisoning your business and making your purpose seem like what God never intended it to be: a barren and unfruitful desert wasteland.

Click Link or Image to Listen to #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast show Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com

Listen to #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast show at http://Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com

Listen to #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast show – Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com


If you have a friend who’d like to see what we are talking about on this show, use the social sharing buttons on this page to share the picture above on your favorite social network. (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Anywhere else)

[PODCAST EPISODE 2] Three Things That Poison Your Passion and Profits Part 1

Three Things That Poison Your Passion and Profits Part 1 is the first of three articles to help you understand what might be making your business feel like this barren and unfruitful desert. This is the show page for Episode 2 of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1.

Does your business feel like this barren, unfruitful desert?


Desert image source: wikipedia / wikimedia.

“A desert is a barren area of land where little precipitation occurs and consequently living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life.” ~wikipedia


  • How long has it been since you’ve made a profit in your business?
  • What did your passion and enthusiasm for your business look like when you first started; and what does it look like now?
  • Why does it feel like everything is drying up for your passion and your profits?

What is your poison: what is killing your business and turning it into a dry desert with no life in it?


In my interview with Kim Beasley, she shares one  of the main things that poisoned her business:

  • #1 Poison = Not acting like an industry leader


Kim shares her own very compelling story and what poisoned her business. Have a listen to Episode 2 of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1 :

Click the Audio Player Button Above


In last week’s podcast, I shared an antidote of this poison. If you listen to that show, you will hear where I shared a common problem that many new entrepreneurs have and a strategic way that will help you overcome it and turn this negative trend in your business back around again. To see the show page for #MarketLikeAQueen Episode 1 of Season 1 – click here.


I would love to know:

  • How are you learning to #MarketLikeAQueen who is led by the King of Kings?

Please share and let me know how things are going and how what I have been sharing has been helping you.


Also, please use the sharing buttons on this page to pass this post on to your friends and colleagues.


Donna Marie Johnson, Host of #MarketLikeAQueen

P.S. #AtlantaKDE Spring Event

If you are looking to link up in person, face-to-face in Atlanta, with like-minded leaders who love God and are passionate about business, join us for the #AtlantaKDE Small Group. You can learn more and register, click here.

UPDATE – Also, Kim Beasley literally wrote the book on passion in business. To check out my book review, please click here.

[PODCAST EPISODE1] Why and How to Re-Model Your Business For Greater Reward #MarketLikeAQueen

This Greater Reward article is a companion to the #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1 Episode 1 and addresses why and how you may need to temporarily close for re-modeling your online business.

QUESTION: Have any of you experienced passion-draining and profit-hindering problems when you started in business? If so, how did you push past them?

SUGGESTION: My suggestion is to SPRING CLEAN YOUR BRAND. In this episode, I address the topic of how to get greater reward from your business by doing this…




Use the audio button or link below to listen to Episode 1 of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Season 1.


Many times you have a deep longing to serve and be a blessing in the marketplace, BUT…

Before you read on, I wanted to encourage you to take a look at this helpful book review that I posted recently.
Read My Review of Unleash The Flow of Money by Leesa Renee Hall

To Read My Review of Unleash The Flow of Money by Leesa Renee Hall, Click Picture.

…you have no idea (or at least not a completely clear one) of what your specific giftings and calling are. (Some business coaches may call this understanding your USP – Unique Selling Proposition.) And then because you don’t yet get this, you start to ‘get in where you fit in’. In other words, you just get busy but have not yet created a strategy that will position your business for continued profitability over time.


There is nothing wrong with starting without a full understanding ofyourgiftings and calling, but staying there can drain you of your zeal-passion and hinder profits for continued service in the marketplace.


Spend some time in fasting and prayer and quiet so that you can clearly hear what the Lord reveals to your heart-spirit on this topic of who, why and where you are called to serve.

Have an Alert Heart To Hear From God - original graphic art by Donna Marie Johnson

Have an Alert Heart To Hear From God


If you are in the midst of or are about to start a re-branding project or social marketing campaign, put that on hold. This is kind of like shutting down the building for re-modeling. Once you are more clear, proceed with your project by first updating your strategic plan to now include details that have been tweaked based on the who, why and where that the Lord has revealed to your heart.


I highly recommend studying the Bible in the book of Jonah to see how he received his calling from God. If you know the story, you’ll remember that God called him to serve a specific group of people in a specific location and with a very specific message.


If this article hit home with your own heart and mind, please let me know what helped you the most. Also, please use the social sharing buttons to pass this on to your  friends, too.


Donna Marie Johnson, The Love Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist

Host of #MarketLikeAQueen


I would be delighted to serve you and help you in your business re-modeling journey. To register for a consultation session with me, click here.

Atlanta Business Small Group

UPDATE: You can now RSVP by registering for free on our Eventbrite page. Use the button or link below
Eventbrite - Atlanta Business Small Group For The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur
Link: Click To Register For Atlanta KDE Small Group


I would so love to meet YOU in person and get to know you this year. You are invited to attend the Business Leader Small Group that I am facilitating which is part of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Community.

“If you’re a current or aspiring entrepreneur of faith who desires to build a thriving business that serves your family, truly impacts lives, and advances the Kingdom of God then you’re in the right place!” ~Welcome Message Posted on the KDE Website

So, here are some more details about what you can expect.


  • Our first ‘semester’ of discussion small group meetings starts this Spring: twice in March and twice in April
  • We will have a 12 part discussion that is based off of the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur book series.
  • You should have already started reading the first book in the series before we have our first meeting
  • FIRST MEETING: Sunday March 9, 2014 – Event Details and Updates Will Be Emailed If You RSVP on Contact Form
  • PLEASE RSVP: Complete the Contact Form To Let Me Know You Are Coming (Seating and Parking Are Limited)
  • This small group is on-going throughout 2014 and future meeting dates beyond April will be announced soon.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: This summer and at the end of the year, we are planning to also have special events. Stay tuned for more details in coming months.


  • Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God’s Way by Antonina Geer and Shae Bynes
  • Encountering God: A Devotional for the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur by Shae Bynes

If you’d like to buy them using my Amazon referral links, please click the book links.

image of kindle book Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God's Way

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God’s Way by Antonina Geer and Shae Bynes

First Book Kindle Link: http://ggen.biz/kde-book-amazon


Click To Download Kindle Version via Amazon.com: Encountering God: A Devotional for the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur eBook: Shae Bynes, Stacye Brim, Antonina Geer: Kindle Store

Encountering God: A Devotional for the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur by Shae Bynes

Devotional Kindle Link: http://ggen.biz/kde-devotional


To learn more about the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Community, and how I became a member, you can read background information about the KDE Community – click here.

I hope to see you in person soon. And I pray that we can become friends and be a blessing to each other this year, too.


Donna Marie Johnson, KDE Small Group Leader – Atlanta Chapter

Mobile: +1(678)861-8121

To Send Email: Use Contact Form

[PODCAST] #MarketLikeAQueen 2014 – What To Expect

AUDIO UPDATE About #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast 2014 – TURN YOUR SPEAKERS UP


If the audio did not start, then Click the Play Button Above To Listen to this brief podcast announcement to learn what you can expect to hear during this Spring’s first season of the show.

For going forward, you can now find all of the #MarketLikeAQueen new shows and archives right here on this blog. Here is that link:


Thanks for stopping by!

Leave a comment and/or share this post, if you find this to be helpful.

~Donna Marie Johnson, The Love Infused Marketing And Graphics Strategist


[Podcast Update] Leesa Releases and Unleashes – #MarketLikeAQueen

‘Leesa Releases and Unleashes’ provides an update and review about a book announced in a previous #MarketLikeAQueen podcast.

In the Season 4 Podcast for #MarketLikeAQueen, I was really so blessed to bring you an interview with a woman who is not just a mentor to me, but also a friend… and not just a pat on the back kind of friend, but someone who has truly supported the growth my business as one of my partners. And she has done so with love and empathy, tempered with the grace and compassion of God. That is a rare combination of characteristics in the business world. I am excited and delighted to update #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast listeners about Leesa Renee Hall’s brand new book released in February 2014, which was previously announced on the December 2013 podcast. Read on to learn more from my book review. (Don’t worry, this review is relatively spoiler free.)

preview of donna kindle library 2182014

Excited to finally be able to add Leesa Renee Hall’s new book to my Kindle library!


Empathetic Compassionate Yet Challenging Money Conversation Sets Christian Women Leaders Free

Leesa Renee Hall’s empathetic compassionate, yet challenging, money conversation with Christian Women Leaders helps set them free. Her brand new book helps them to understand where they’ve gotten it wrong in the past so they can correct their thinking and take wise action to…


…that God has already brought into their lives. When Christian Women Leaders begin to understand that there is no lack in Him – He is Jehovah Jireh (unlimited supply / provider) – it helps them walk in freedom in their lives and businesses. It takes spiritual discernment to truly get that when you are dwelling in Him who knows no lack, then there is no lack for you. And once you do get that, your life and business makes a huge shift that is unstoppable.

Leesa’s book will help you make that shift.

God has given Leesa a ‘Holy Ghost download’ that He knew only she could deliver in the way she is giving it because of her very unique experiences as a business expert. I loved reading more of her life story here and gaining more perspective on what and who have shaped her unique Bible-based business teachings.

Leesa’s love, compassion and empathy for Christian women leaders shines through on every single page. But don’t get it twisted: at times it is a hard word. She doesn’t coddle us.

She challenges us to keep gaining wisdom and growing so that we can fulfill our God-given purpose in this world. She challenges us to study God’s Word for ourselves and tap into the Holy Spirit’s wisdom about mindsets and issues that hold us back, instead of continuing to follow bad teachings and outright lies from the world and from the church.

I have truly enjoyed reading this easy to read and practical book. I am so glad that I bought it because I was able to start putting it into practice right away. In particular, I loved the STARR exercise because it helped me to frame out (outline) a project that I was already working on in a more defined and refined way. I am sure that when I bring it to my audience now, I will have confidence that I am delivering wisdom that they need and want; and that it will also help me continue prospering in my business.

I don’t want to spoil it for you by giving too much detail, so I am going to stop here. But know that this book is not just a single solitary book. I am a member of the Saturday morning prayer group (which I mentioned in previous posts) and mastermind group Leesa started called ‘Faithfully Rich’. This book is a detailed outline of this movement God has started through Leesa and our group. If you are like us, seeking to grow your business God’s way, you will find great value in the ‘Unleash The Flow of Money’ book. And I hope you will join us for prayer, too, to extend your reading experience into real life relationships that can help you keep moving forward.

Great job putting all that wisdom in one place we can keep referring back to day after day, Leesa. Thank you, Sis!

In Donna's Kindle Library - Unleash The Flow of Money by Leesa Renee Hall

In Donna’s Kindle Library – Unleash The Flow of Money by Leesa Renee Hall

~Donna Marie Johnson, The Love Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist

Affiliate/Partner Link Disclaimer: Note that I am a partner with Leesa Renee Hall‘s business and her Faithfully Rich ministry. I have provided my affiliate / partner link to her book…

Unleash The Flow of Money

… so that, if you choose, you can also purchase it for your own library. If you do, thank you in advance for supporting me and Leesa.

I Am A Firestarter. Want A Light?

Great News! I am a moderator and a firestarter in the Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Online Community. Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs are #Firestarters in the marketplace. Join us for free and get lit with this radical, contagious fire.


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[VIDEO] Happy Restoration New Year 2014

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Happy Restoration New Year 2014 from

AuthorDonnaMarie and The Johnson Family.

Shalom to you and yours!

May God give you double for your trouble.

Complete Restoration. Just as he did for Job.

And the Lord turned the captivity of Job and restored his fortunes, when he prayed for his friends; also the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before. ~Job 42:10

{Audio} Atlanta Small Group For Christian Marketplace Leaders

UPDATE! As of 1-30-2014 – See Below

March and April Dates:

  • Sunday March 9th 2:30 – 4pm
  • Sunday March 23rd  2:30 – 4pm
  • a Sunday in April – date to be determined


  • Atlanta-Fulton Public Library – South Fulton Branch in Union City, GA

RSVP REQUESTED: Use the Contact Form To Express Interest – Click Here For Contact Form


Here is more information about The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur Community and Small Groups.

More About KDE Small Group in Atlanta

  • KDE Small Groups in Atlanta and other regions throughout the US and world will focus on 12 discussions that center around Bible-Centered business topics, as discussed in the book “The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God’s Way”
  • 12 Week Schedule will be split up into the following months
    • March
    • June
    • September
    • Party in December 2014 – Date To Be Determined
  • How to Get Event Details? Use contact form to express interest so we can contact you with details and about any scheduling updates for going forward.

If you are planning to join us as a group participant or as a volunteer, or if you just want to learn more about the Atlanta KDE Small Group, please add your information in to the contact form so we can keep you informed.

Sisters in Holistic Solo-preneurship

Sisters in Holistic Solo-preneurship

Copy of My Comment Left for Artiatesia in response to her blog post called “My Cleansing Journey”:
Girllll… you are making me so fall in love with your “holistic” solopreneur blog. Thanks for sharing your journey.

I am a recovering hoarder, too, but mine is more digital than anything else. I’ve made a commitment to myself not to sign up for anything else free for at least the next 3 months.
You wouldn’t believe how hard this is for me.
I totally get what you’re going through. So glad to be able to connect with you this way.
Let me know how I can support/bless you, too.
~Donna Marie Johnson, Your Sisters in Holistic Solo-preneurship

Common Mistakes Women Leaders Make With Pricing and Marketing and How You Can Avoid Them and Make More Money

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On this podcast show, Learn Common Mistakes Women Leaders Make With Pricing and Marketing and How You Can Avoid Them and Make More Money. This show will podcast show will air on Tuesday 12/10/2013 at 8am Eastern and will be available online 24/7 after that.

Remember to listen on Tuesday for a special offer that will go away after Thursday.

#MarketLikeAQueen Season 4 Podcast Show 2013

To Listen Go To Podcast.MarketLikeAQueen.com

The #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast Show is in its final season of this year. Please listen to this Season 4 show for insights and wisdom that will help you keep growing in life and expanding your business while honoring God in both. Our Featured Marketing Leader this month is Kemya Scott aka @MissKemya of Atlanta, GA. We also have a surprise guest who is a highly experienced and successful Christian Woman Leader. Both share keen insights that will help you to:

  • *understand what successful marketers and bloggers do to stay successful online
  • *understand how a Christian Woman Leader’s business can/should be different than her peers, and why
  • *understand common business mistakes that Women Leaders make (with pricing and marketing) so you can avoid them and make more money to keep expanding your business

Hosted by Author Donna Marie Johnson

Q and A – How To Brand Your Business on Youtube

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My friend Cindy Lumpkin (aka The LD Coach based in Atlanta, GA who supports students with academic success despite special obstacles) just made my day by asking me a challenging question about how to brand your business on Youtube. She didn’t even know how much I get into all this geek stuff, but she’s figuring it out.

She actually got to see me in action at the SW Atlanta Library on this past Monday 12/2, as God anointed me to rock a live webinar both in the room and online. We got awesome feedback on it (except for the noise at the library). If you’d like to check out what folks are saying about the event, go to the main event website; or click here to download the complimentary Replay Brochure and learn more about the workshop recordings and worksheet downloads that will be available next week.


Okay, so back to Cindy’s question about how to brand your business on youtube: she asked this question because she’s the kind of person that takes quick action when she goes to a workshop. She attended my workshop on 12/2 called “Love-Infused Marketing Planning”.


One of the steps in my marketing strategy checklist that I go through with all of my marketing strategy clients is to get your branding consistent across all of your social networks. Well, youtube is one of the main places that just about everyone online (business or not business) uses. So, having a recognizable presence on Youtube is essential to being more visible so the folks you are called to serve can find you more easily online.


Now, here is my answer…

1st  – It’s Complicated

  • Know that Google and Youtube have been making huge changes in every area for the past several months (and will keep changing). This is especially true in how Google+ and Youtube can be branded for your business.
  • Because there are so many changes, the process of branding your youtube channel for your business is a multi-step process, with parts of it being a bit complicated and requiring application for special permissions from the folks who run youtube.

2nd – Checklist To Help You Brand Your Business on Youtube

  • I will email you the same checklist  that I’m going to give to Cindy to help you get started with creating or updating your youtube branding, if you join my mailing list. Go to Newsletter.MarketLikeAQueen.com
  • Also, I will give a bit more detail to our network members inside of our private group, and some of them may also chime in with feedback. (Learn more at Network.MarketLikeAQueen.com)

3rd – How to Get More Help In A Group or One-on-One

{ANONYMOUS} #MarketLikeAQueen Event Survey

#MarketLikeAQueen Event Survey

Survey Request – Please take our post-event survey at http://Survey.MarketLikeAQueen.com

It’s completely anonymous, so please provide your honest feedback.

Support Kingdom Building Small Businesses #ShopSmall

image - Share and #ShopSmall

Small Business Saturday is November 30th. Visit this blog post and leave a comment about what you’re doing for your clients and customers this weekend. And if you are looking to buy / browse, remember to #ShopSmall

If you are like me, a Christian Woman Leader who is an entrepreneur, then you know we celebrate small business every day. However, tomorrow is a very special day for everyone to show support for the small businesses that they know and love; and for newer businesses they are planning to try for the first time.

I am thankful for all of the wonderful Christian Business Leaders, male and female, that God has brought into my life. There are many of them, but today I just want to give a shout out to a few of them who have recently made a particular effort to be a blessing to me with no strings attached. Truly these folks have knocked my socks off and added value to my life in ways I didn’t expect, but that I most certainly have welcomed. Please click below to go check out their websites.


All of these folks are business coaches, business consultants and success mentors who set the standard by following after God’s will and way. I have consistently been seeing all of them making tough choices to do things His Way and build His Kingdom, even when it seems weird or against the grain of how many coaches teach. I am sure that, if you feel led by the Lord to connect with them, your life and your business will never ever be the same again.

Have a wonderful Black Friday and an even better Small Business Saturday.


Remember to leave a comment if you’d like for folks to know about your special offers or events this weekend.


Donna Marie Johnson, Host of #MarketLikeAQueen – An Annual Conference For Christian Women Leaders on Monday December 2nd. You’re invited to join us. Learn more at MarketLikeAQueen.com

P.S. I have a deal going on where I give $12 to the Harvest Fund business grant founded by The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur community for every ticket purchased today or tomorrow on Small Business Saturday. Will you share this with your connections for me?


RT @AuthorDonnaMJ Part of Business Conference Proceeds Go To Harvest Fund Grant That Helps Leaders Expand… http://wp.me/p3ZWr1-26H

Link to This Blog Post: http://authordonnamarie.me/2013/11/29/shopsmall/

[PRESS RELEASE] Christian Women Leaders Get Business Training At December Market Like A Queen Conference


Contact: Donna Marie Johnson, CEO                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Email: Donna{@}AuthorDonnaMarie.me

Phone: 678-861-8121


SOUTH METRO ATLANTA, GA USA – DECEMBER 2, 2013 – Christian Women Leaders are becoming more active in the marketplace, and it is vital for them to have more access to training to expand their businesses while still honoring their faith and expanding God’s Kingdom.

Since 1996, Donna Marie Johnson has devoted her life to helping Business Leaders learn and implement smarter marketing techniques in order to keep work-life balance while also building a profitable business. The Market Like A Queen Movement is a reflection of Biblical Leadership Principles and Business Leadership Lessons she has been trained in by her spiritual and business mentors over the years. Donna’s God-inspired initiative, The Market Like A Queen Annual Conference, provides opportunities for her and her colleagues to support Christian Women Leaders with gaining valuable business training along with inspiration to help them keep growing in life, too.

Christian Women who are also Marketplace Leaders need effective strategies for success which comes from having access to effective training. The Market Like A Queen December Conference provides this with kingdom-focused training on the topics of God-Led Goal Setting and Purpose-Infused Pricing Planning, taught by Donna’s colleagues, Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer, who are also co-founders of The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs Facebook Group and Movement. Conference Guests will gain a renewed perspective so they can Market Like A Queen Led By The King of Kings and prosper more in business and at home.

This valuable training event for Christian Women Leaders on December 2nd will help you if you are focused on Doing Business God’s Way. You can join the conference from the comfort of your own home or plan to meet up with Donna and the other guests in South Atlanta. The Market Like A Queen Annual Conference is an event that you will definitely want to participate in for years.

Author Donna Marie Johnson, CEO of GGene S.I.S., LLC marketing agency in South Metro Atlanta, has written two books with a third to be released in 2014. Her books focus on teaching strategic marketing and biblical principles for Christian Women Leaders who want both personal and business growth. Currently, she uses her marketing technology expertise as a consultant for virtual clients and assists them with making more profit online.

Event Registration Website: Wepay.MarketLikeAQueen.com

Event Date: December 2, 2013

Mailing Address: GGene S.I.S., LLC PO Box 491806 Atlanta, GA 30349


What Is Hindering Your Healing? (The Spiritual Root Cause of Diseases) Session 1 Part 1b Nov 12, 2013 – Recovery For Abused Women

Author Donna Marie Johnson:

Here is wisdom on healing from one of my past podcast show guests from 2011, Dr. D.E. Hooks who helps women recover from abuse. Make sure you check out this wisdom she is sharing.

Originally posted on Drdehooks' Blog:

What Is Hindering Your Healing? (The Spiritual Root Cause of Diseases) Session 1 Part 1b Nov 12, 2013 – Recovery For Abused Women

via What Is Hindering Your Healing? (The Spiritual Root Cause of Diseases) Session 1 Part 1b Nov 12, 2013 – Recovery For Abused Women.

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[VIDEO] Three Social Marketing Tips

Join Me at AuthorDonnaMarie.me to see tips that I share to help you keep growing in your own personal life while you are expanding your business.


Here are three tips that have helped me a lot which I try to pass on to other online marketers:

  • Always use graphics (images and/or video) when you post online.
  • Include at least one human face in the graphic, when possible, because the human psyche automatically has an affinity for looking at faces.
  • Include your own face as much as possible so that you can continue building recognition of your personal brand online. This is part of how people get to know you, like you and trust you. This is foundational for building relationships and expanding your community online.

If these tips are helpful or if you have one to add, please leave a comment with your feedback on what helps you the most with your online social marketing.


What May Be The Root To Your Lack of Fruit In Business?

If you know that God has called you but have not been seeing fruit in business (or ministry or non-profit), DO NOT GIVE UP.

apple treeMost likely, you just need to keep learning some keys to what many call “marketing mindset” that may be the root to your lack of fruit in business. Take a look at this slideshow to learn what one of them might be and how it might look (how it might show up) in your life and business:


Slideshow: 7 Ways Perfectionism Keeps You From Being Able To #MarketLikeAQueen


Please leave a comment and share.


Donna Marie Johnson, Your Host of #MarketLikeAQueen Podcast and Annual Conference

P.S. The networking event mentioned in the slideshow is the first Monday in November. We are looking forward to a great discussion that will be life changing for some of us, to help bring us back from the brink of giving up. To learn more and register, click here: http://network.marketlikeaqueen.com/